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Sharvaya Engineering We have done lots of workunder nageshwar electrical & services and M.K.Engineering Company. Our turn over is above rs. 4.5 Crores, so we have decided to convert these wto firm into Sharvaya Engineering Pvt.Ltd.

This our greate success and here is introduction of SEPL

Sharvaya ENgineering Pvt.Ltd.(SEPL) is principally involved in process control system engineering, instrumentation, detailed engineering consultancy, Installation and commissioning. The company is promoted and managed by professionals with vast expiriance in there areas od business with maximum attention given to recruit, train and maintain the best engineers and technicians in the field. The promoters have firsthand expiriance om major International systems with large public sector and private sector companies and specifically train the employees to imbibe all the technical aspects of different systems commonly used in industry.

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